We only use the best to transport your Ball Pythons



  • As Reptile Couriers we are fully defra T2 approved and we are also Insured per animal.

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    class=”font_8″>Our 3 tier unit is fully heated by 4ft mats at all times and controlled independantly by digital thermostat which allows us to have 3 different temperature ranges.

  • Multiple Temperature read outs and kill switch in cab for 24/7 observation.

  • We operate runs south of Newcastle every 2 weeks and have a Scotland run every 9 weeks which also includes all U.K.

  • We care for all Reptiles that board the van as if they were are own, catering for individual needs.

  • We carry out multiple welfare checks each day.

  • All animals are cleaned when needed no matter what they are, we never deliver a soiled box/bag.

  • We endevour to deliver most Reptiles within 48hrs and often sooner but on the larger runs sometimes this cant be done, in which case those longer travellers get extra care and attention.

  • All Reptiles are signed on and off the van.

  • If we suspect an illness or parasites when we collect we will refuse the animal onboard to protect the health of others already onboard.